InterArts Final Multiplier Event – 23.10.2021

The event has been organised at the “CANGO Cantieri Culturali Goldonetta (Florence)” and streamed live on YouTube.

2 pm     Welcome Daniela Giuliano / Centro Nazionale di produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni
2.15 pm
Vittorio Giorgetti / Ars for Progress of People, Belgium
InterArts – the project, the objectives and the achieved results (in English)
2.45 pm
Video:  InterArts Educational Video – ART UNITES
Presentation curated by Boyka Boneva / Inter Alia, Greece (in English)
3.15 pm
Talk by Sabrina Tosi Cambini / Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of Parma
Art faces the challenges of the city. Some reflections on the connection between bodies in movement, creativity and social issues.
3.45 pm
Coffee Break + guided tour at Michelle Davis’s exhibition born from the workshop Anatomy of a friendship
4.15 pm
Physical theater workshop, open to all
led by Association Juvenil Teatral On&Off, Spain
Rumours‘ is a workshop that reflects on the hateful speeches and rumors in which we participate in our day-to-day lives. We provide a space for experimentation and expression, using theatrical techniques to facilitate a space for reflection and creation of scenes that recreate hate speech (gestural and verbal) and how to identify the exclusive or inclusive actions we perform, sometimes unconsciously. The objective is: to become aware and begin to act in an inclusive way, abandoning paternalisms, superiorities and exclusions that respect old models of relationship between human beings. ‘Rumors’ is an attempt to shake consciences to walk together to a more human world.
5.45 pm
Lesson on the gesture, open to all
led by Giulia Mureddu / Virgilio Sieni Academy of the Art of The Gesture, Florence
The lesson is open to everybody who desire to approach body language without dance knowledge. A lesson on living the body and the surrounding space. A path of awareness around primary gestures, “sweet” practices on listening to the body, on the importance and beauty of movement that becomes dance in dialogue with everyday life. The lesson will be based on a vocabulary of actions, walking, turning, the quality of the gesture, gravity and resonance.

6.30 pm
Final greetings

Arts Unites premiered in Athens

On the 17th of September the InterArts short movie was premiered during the Fest of Togetherness in Athens. It was a great success. The movie is a 20 minutes collection of shootings full of thoughts on art and moments from our workshops. There is an overarching question around which facilitators and participants share their perspectives.

InterArts virtual project meeting

InterArts partners gathered for a virtual meeting on the 15th of January 2021. The meeting was an essential moment to share some official news (the official prolongation of the project to June 2021); review the status of all the workshops carried out in each country; get updated about communication and dissemination activities \ products (i.e. final event; final video; social media website); discuss on how to turn the physical forum into an online gathering. The next meeting is foreseen at the beginning of April, when all the workshops will be eventually finalised and the shootings collected.

Training in Athens (June 2019)

During 7-10 June 2019, Inter Alia organised and hosted the InterArts Long Term Joint Staff Training Activity of the InterArts: Youth Communities for Social Inclusion project.

Ars for Progress of People presented the national analyses on social inclusion/exclusion as well as the website and online tools of the project. Inter Alia introduced the partners to the visual identity of the project. Participants from all organisations presented and discussed the data collected and analysed on the situation of social inclusion/exclusion in the local communities of focus.

Lastly and most importantly of all, coordinators shared the good practices of the arts’ disciplines and in specific dance, theatre, music, street-art, photography, literature, cinema, painting and sculpture. They also spend time on designing the contents of the workshops that will be offered to youngsters in all countries and on all disciplines, based on the shared practices.

In the next steps of the project, through the use of good practices a training curriculum will be produced and implemented in local trainings including practical workshops in all disciplines mentioned above. In addition, based on the theoretical knowledge of the national and local analyses and the practical outputs of the trainings InterArts will produce a Methodology Handbook that will be published and available for use of everybody interested.

Kick-Off Meeting in Florence (February 2019)

InterArts’ partners gathered in Florence on the 22th of February 2019 for the project kick-off meeting.

All the partner organisations (except Proposito Inadiavel) were hosted by the Lead Partner, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, in the “Palazzina dell’Indiano”, a wonderful building in the middle of Cascine Park.

The first phase of the meeting was focused on the overall project framework, with a detailed presentation on: project objectives and expected results, intellectual outputs, short-term joint staff training event for youth workers, multiplayer events.

After this general review of the main project aspects, the Lead Partner opened a more detailed discussion on the project work plan, analyising more in depth the chain of actions and expected tasks to be implemented by each partner.

The afternoon session was finally dedicated to the financial and management aspects. The discussion varied from the grant agreement and the budget rules, until the online tool that partners will be using for uploading material and exchanging opinions throughout the project lifetime.

Before wrapping up the meeting partners also discussed on minimum requirements for branding and communication and dissemination outputs.