The Center directed by Virgilio Sieni, headquartered at Cango in Florence, develops experiences based on languages of the body and of dance in relation to the landscape and to cognitive sciences, encouraging research and productive contexts based on hospitality, training, residencies, the geography of territories, emotional maps of places, dialogue between the arts and the creation of “communities of the gesture”. The Center develops organically around the activities of the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, the Academy of the art of the gesture, the School of the gesture and the landscape, and Cango’s programs.

Inter Alia is a civic organization and think-tank, established in 2013 and based in Athens, Greece. Its mission is to contribute to the creation of an inclusive and active European civil society, by raising awareness of the EU as a structure and to prospective EU citizens on available channels for acting, participating and shaping Europe. Inter Alia seeks openness, inclusiveness, respect, tolerance, equality, extroversion, diversity and interconnectedness. We believe that the sustainable construction of such a Europe can only be achieved with the active participation of the people.

Zavod Nefiks is a non-governmental organization that is working on promotion and recognition of knowledge and competence acquired through non-formal education and informal learning. Our main project is Nefiks booklet with its online version that has been designed to help individuals and organizations with recording knowledge, skills and competences developed through different activities like volunteer work, workshops, language courses and other activities where learning took place. Our aim is to include, recognize and consider youth and volunteer work in the formal education system, scholarship schemes and employment. For this reasons we are organizing different promotional and educational events, prepare publications and cooperate with stakeholders on local, national and international level.

Asociación Juvenil Teatral ON&OFF is a youth organization situated in the
North of Spain, with its members made up from the current and ex-students of the theatre school Dinámica Teatral. ON&OFF organizes theatre related activities for its members, for example, trips to theatre performances, theatre based summer camps and youth exchanges, street performances and many other creative projects.

PROPÓSITO INADIÁVEL is a non profit organization based in a little village in a rural area of North Alentejo. The main aim of the organization is to promote and empower the development of the person and of the local/regional community through education, non formal learning, training and international cooperation. The President of the Board is working in the international mobility and non formal learning since 1986 with a long experience of training in Euromed Region, South America and all over Europe. In the group of founders and active members( all volunteer) we have very experienced people in international activities (one is an ex-EVS) and with competences in areas like environment, biology, theatre, cultural animation, languages teachers, management and youth work.

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ARS for Progress of People is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. We believe in a society governed by open democracy and participation, where everyone has the chance to speak out and contribute to the improvement of its territory and local well-being. We also believe that including young people in decision-making processes is the only way to restore political trust and passion in Europe. Accordingly, ARS for Progress decided to devote most of its work to design, formulate and implement project initiatives in the field of structured dialogue between young people and policy makers. Our main activities actually aim at involving young population, public bodies and stakeholders at local and European level, through the experimentation of active solutions for structured dialogue and mutual cooperation.

Carpe Diem is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2005. The aim of the organisation is to encourage and develop creative and social potential of children, youth and adults. We are located in the city of Karlovac but we work throughout Karlovac County. We cooperate with organisations from Karlovac, Karlovac County, Croatia and Europe. Our main target group are young people aged 15-30. The main topics of our activities are – non-formal education, youth information, leisure activities, youth mobility and volunteering. Our main projects are Youth Club/Youth Centre, Youth Information Centre, Volunteer Centre and youth mobility projects.