The Project


The “InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion” project aims at empowering young people to fight against discrimination and social exclusion through the use of artistic activities.

By deploying an innovative non-formal methodology based on a set of art-related disciplines (i.e. dance, theatre, music, street-art, photography, literature, cinema, painting & sculpture), InterArts will produce practical knowledge to reduce social exclusion and improve the level of key competences and skills of young people living in marginalised conditions.


The target groups will be: —

  • 2 participants from each organisations (14 participants in total); —
  • Groups of youngsters aged between 15 and 30 years old from each organisation, with different background and status: migrant background; low Family incomes or Family-related problems; mental of Physical disability; NEET (Neither in employment nor in Education and Training); young people in suburbs;
  • Various stakeholders: museums, art schools, cultural associations, youth NGOs, municipalities, journalists, school teachers and professors, private economic actors, local decision makers.


  • Finalisation of a comprehensive analysis on young people conditions in terms of social inclusion and community integration
  • Publication of the Interactive Map on young people social exclusion
  • Realisation of a complete review of good practices and lessons learned on the topic of art for social inclusion
  • Development of an innovative non-formal methodology aimed at involving young people living in marginalised conditions through the use of art
  • Experimentation of 8 months length training course. The whole training course will give room to 8 art-related disciplines: theatre, dance, photography, street art, music, cinema, literature, painting&sculpture. All the partners will be required to engage with young people in needs and ask them to reflect on their condition through the use of art
  • Official creation of a network gathering cultural institutions, art schools, cultural associations (music schools, conservatories, theatrical companies, etc.), youth NGOs and public institutions that will set up a common strategy for tackling social exclusion through an integrated framework of initiatives and policies
  • Creation of an online open forum where stakeholders and beneficiaries may exchange opinions and experiences on the topic of “art for social inclusion”, as well as promoting initiatives and launching surveys